Net worth

The Networth has been steadily growing and finally cracked $600K (including superannuation). I have reached my first milestone of LeanFIRE which entails a gradual draw down of my investment portfolio at approximately 5% for approximately 25 years before I can access my Superannuation and Pension.

CaptainFI Net Worth as of 31 October 2019

Get FIRE’d! Portfolio

The Get FIREd Portfolio is now sitting at approximately $185,600. I broke my cardinal rule and sold some MLT shares to fund a property deal, but it is for the greater good, and I plan to continue adding to the Get FIRE’d! Portfolio once I have finished directing my torrent of cash savings into the property development. I am also quite heavy on ETFs and plan to continue to add to the LIC pile so long as they keep trading at a discount.

the Get FIRE’d! Portfolio as of 31 October 2019
CaptainFIs Net Worth Graph
Net worth table

Net worth updates


Get FIRE’d!

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